An Electronic Lab Notebook designed for Research & QC laboratories

Record your experimental & research data in a streamlined & error-free environment.

About Logilab ELN

Logilab® ELN is a cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) designed by Agaram Technologies to enable a completely paperless environment for labs to record , execute & store their test and research data.

Logilab ELN is designed to fit QA/QC labs & research organisations involved in projects & product development across both regulated & non-regulated environments. It provides a streamlined & error-free environment for Scientists, Researchers, QC labs & Universities to record & store their data with full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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Designed for laboratories in both GxP & non-GxP areas

Labsheet data capture

A spreadsheet based design tool to create & execute sheet templates for structured data capture with version & release control.

Protocol-based data capture

Design protocol-based templates to capture unstructured data for your SOP’s & Experiments with step-by-step execution.

Project, Test & Task Management

Register & Execute Task Orders for different Projects to capture data for everyday tests & tasks within the ELN.

Sample & Inventory Management

Create, Receive and store different samples within the inventory by creating your own dynamic fields for each sample type.

Configurable Workflows

Setup configurable workflows with multiple levels of review and approval for tasks with version & release control.

Dynamic Reports

A built-in word based document editor to design dynamic reports for date capture from multiple task orders.

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One place for all your research & quality testing !

  • Logilab ELN enables collaborative research and acts as a central repository for all your experiments.
  • Laboratories conducting testing and research across any scientific domain can access the ELN at any time via a browser-based interface within a single login.
  • Digitisation of your laboratory observations is the way forward, enabling you to access your data from anywhere in the world.

Any laboratory activity ranging from simple tasks like monitoring laboratory conditions to complex tasks like executing test procedures, recording research activities for a project etc can be done in a paperless digital environment.

  • Assays
  • Protocol execution
  • Research activities
  • Regular lab activities
  • Calculations

Logilab ELN has a task ordering system to order new tasks that need to be executed by lab personnel. There is no limit to the number or type of tasks that can be executed.

  • Laboratory inspection
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Test method execution
  • Analytical method development
  • Research activity recording e.g. formulation, reaction conditions, sampling etc.
  • Reaction monitoring and recording
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Check all the boxes for complete process automation

Improve the efficiency & accuracy of your lab
  • Collaborate with your colleagues on multiple projects & tasks
  • Perform calculations similar to excel in a controlled manner.
  • Auto-generate dynamic summary reports using data tags.
Ensure Standardisation, Ease of implementation and Reduced cost
  • Easy access through any modern web browser
  • Standardised templates to ensure harmony across your organisation.
  • Start from day-1, no hassle of complex implementations
21 CFR Part 11 & Data integrity Compliance
  • Project & Role based access to data
  • Comprehensive 100 % Audit Trail
  • Version and Release control for all captured data
  • Electronic records protection with e-signature support

Logilab ELN is now available from the cloud with Monthly or Annual Subscription plans !

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Logilab ELN Product Brochure

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