Logilab ELN and its applications across industries

Logilab ELN is a generic and dependable Laboratory Notebook application software, designed and developed by Agaram Technologies. It provides a fully configurable sheet template with a test-based workflow design to meet the needs of QA/QC and R&D operations for industries including pharmaceutical, life sciences, biopharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, environmental, food, feed, milling, and dairy.

Logilab ELN addresses several pain points and helps to overcome inherent vulnerabilities in lab operations in the areas of data integrity, data loss, inaccuracies, duplicity, and inconsistencies.

Logilab ELN is designed to capture data in a spreadsheet-like template called as Labsheet or lab notebook. Labsheet templates can be designed by scientists by dragging and dropping generic fields into the sheet and creating a “form” like input template depending on the type of test, experiment, or research task. This makes the ELN usable for any digital data capture application for lab personnel, research scientists, process, and process research personnel.

Labsheets can be designed with data fields like text, numeric, drop-down list, date, time, formula, image, hyperlinks etc. using Logilab ELN. Another significant value-addition is Protocol management by which the lab analysts can configure protocols, procedures and other vital information which can be configured, approved and processed. Protocols are effective in capturing unstructured data such as notes, observations, images, chemical drawings etc. They help execute step-wise experiments & SOPs.

Logilab ELN is designed to capture data from any analytical instrument that has RS232 and TCP/IP and also PC-based instruments that can either export results in ASCII, Excel, and CSV formats or has the capability to print a result report.

The system is a fully scalable, flexible, enterprise system designed to streamline tests and experiments along with instrument data capture (via an advanced built-in parsing engine and SDMS integration) in a controlled environment, calculate and integrate with an external system. It helps laboratories to adopt paperless processes.

It ensures easy adaptability, better regulatory standards compliance cost and time savings due to easy configuration and error-free operations resulting in better customer experience.


A few of its applications in various types of labs are as follows:

  • Analytical Development Labs can record and process all tests and experiments using Logilab ELN in a paperless
  • In Research & Development (R&D) labs, Scientists and Analysts can record research data on a single unified platform so that they can collaborate easily and effectively.
  • Lab Quality Control (QC) labs can electronically record all kinds of instrument data, raw data, methods files, reports, SOPs, Protocols (used for In Vitro Kinase Assay, for example), Images (for example, In Vivo Imaging, IVIS imaging, etc.) and audit trails to the central server and retrieve them on-demand in a highly productive manner so that accuracy and reliability can be improved.
  • Drug Discovery labs can use Logilab ELN as a system to store the data in a central repository so that Intellectual Property (IP) and the company’s business interests can be ensured effectively. It also ensures full compliance with statutory regulations and data integrity (ALCOA principles).
  • Clinical Research Organizations can store and refer all Bio-Availability, Bio-Equivalence (BA/BE) studies formulations used during trials and Bio-Clinical data electronically in a faster and more accurate manner.


For more information about Logilab ELN, please visit the ELN product page of Agaram Technologies.


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