Simple, yet powerful Spreadsheet UI called Labsheets

  • Design your own spreadsheet based templates for laboratory tasks with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Create form-like input templates for any type of test, experiment, day-to-day logbooks, SOP’s etc
  • Manage Multi-workbook templates for separated data capture during preparation and analysis of samples , reagents & standards.
  • Execute complex formulae for performing calculations
  • Enable faster , accurate & compliant data capture across your lab
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Fully traceable and controlled data capture

Lab-sheets can be designed with specialised data fields such as text, numeric, dropdown list, date, time, formula, images etc making it highly suitable for dynamic data capture by lab personnel, research scientists & process research personnel in a controlled environment.

  • Specialised field-based data capture to reduce human error
  • Auto-versioning of all modifications made to existing data with full traceability
  • Cross linking of data between multiple tests & experiments

Task Ordering system to ensure accurate method execution

  • Register & Assign Task Orders for various tests that need to be executed by lab personnel.
  • Orders can be placed against samples, projects, tests/tasks and assigned to various users within the lab.
  • Review & approve tasks using configurable workflows with support for e-signatures
  • Task orders from Qualis LIMS can flow through to the ELN directly without the need for any sort of integration. LIMS tasks can be registered and executed within Logilab ELN and then sent back seamlessly.

Advanced Inventory to manage samples , reagents & raw materials

  • Create & manage user-configurable repositories for different types of sample & reagents
  • Track Inventory usage , expiry-date & reorder levels across tests & experiments
  • Create your own dynamic data fields for samples based on each inventory type

Capture raw data from Instruments

Logilab ELN has built in instrument integration capabilities to parse & capture data from instrument output files.

  • Advanced parsing engine to extract data of interest from instruments
  • Automatically populate Labsheets with data from multiple instruments
  • Port-based data capture for standalone instruments with RS232/TCPIP ports.

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