Truly paperless environment for laboratory tasks

Logilab ELN enables execution of any laboratory activity ranging from simple tasks like monitoring laboratory conditions to complex tasks like executing test procedures, recording research activities for a project etc in a paperless digital environment.

  • Perform Assays for different types of samples
  • Execute Multi-step SOP’s for test methods
  • Capture data in real-time for research activities
  • Maintain logs and checklists for regular day-to-day lab activities
  • Perform complex Calculations using pre-defined formula & in real-time.
Research laboratory notebook

Protocol-based data capture for on-the-go experiments

Logilab ELN enables free-form data capture for experiment/test procedures through multi-step protocol-based templates

  • Record R&D processes on new product specifications , raw materials and samples
  • Capture data in multiple formats such as text, tables, images, attachments, chemical drawings, mathematical formulas, etc,
  • Follow pre-defined SOPs during method execution or create dynamic experiments on the go for the task in hand.

Optimised for Basic Research & Applied Process/Product development

Logilab ELN offers configurable data capture methods that can be used by researchers to capture data in both structured and unstructured formats.

  • Research teams conducting product development can capture their R&D data in realtime or use pre-defined templates.
  • Task Orders can be placed for testing of samples handled by research personnel
  • Dynamic summary reports can be auto-generated based on results from multiple batches of test results

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