Logilab ELN for QA & QC labs

A proven solution for maintaining high-quality standards!

Logilab ELN is designed to effortlessly maintain quality & compliance across your lab! With built-in features to enable complete traceability & compliant data capture.

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  • Save time and increase efficiency - go paperless to avoid human error, increase lab productivity and ensure the accuracy of results
  • GLP - Maintain GLP across your lab data & processes to ensure reliability, consistency, and reproducibility of results.
  • Track Inventory & Equipment - Stay on top of your inventory and instruments & keep track of expiration dates and calibration of equipment.
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Logilab ELN for R&D

Made for the Modern-day Researcher!

Intuitive solution designed to make research data capture & management easy and simple.

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  • Organize lab data - accelerate discovery by storing your experiment & test data in one central, easily searchable cloud-based repository.
  • Complex data capture - Logilab ELN enables dynamic data capture through user-designed protocols. You can also include images, tables, text, checklists, resource notes, chemical drawings and more.
  • Manage teams & projects - ensure smooth communication and collaboration on projects.
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Logilab ELN for 21 CFR Part 11 and Data Integrity

A Robust & Secure ELN Solution

Built for your Data Integrity & Compliance requirements. With features that enable complete adherence to ALCOA principles.

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  • E Signatures - require e-signatures in place of wet signatures for complete 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • Audit Trails - Audit trailed records and version control ensure complete traceability and attributability of data. See when, where and by whom changes were made.
  • Reduce Cost of Compliance - Achieve low costs of compliance with international regulatory standards without any compromise
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