The Logilab ELN website is now live and has got a lot more to offer

The Logilab ELN website is now live and has got a lot more to offer


In a bid to reach the ears of people from regulated & non-regulated industries that are in need of paperless data capture solutions for their lab, we launched Logilab ELN, a cloud-based next-gen version of its  Electronic Lab Notebook solution in 2021,  with the goal to make research and qc testing laboratory paperless. Logilab ELN offers a transformative approach to compliant data capture in a secure digital environment by giving complete control of the data structure to its end-users. It is an entirely user-configurable industry agnostic solution designed to be picked up and used by labs from different verticals.

How our Logilab ELN website will be of service to you

One year after its launch, we are taking things a notch higher by launching a brand new website dedicated to Logilab ELN to showcase the multitude of ways in which Logilab ELN can fit the workflows and data capture formats of different laboratories.


The Logilab ELN website offers a transparent approach to pricing options and discounts compared to the rest of the industry. Users can obtain information about possible: 

  • Annual and monthly pricing options
  • Volume-based discounts
  • Special academic pricing for universities, students and more! 

You get to test drive Logilab ELN premium, at no cost!

The main highlight of our website is that users can register for free trial accounts directly from the website and start using the ELN instantly without any need for a lengthy implementation process. 

It also provides a direct avenue for clients to register for a free 2-week trial to get a feel of Logilab ELN in action firsthand. Moreover, you can request free product demonstrations of Logilab ELN to get a brief overview of the solution and Agaram to better understand what you’re signing up for.


Holding your hand into a bright, paperless future!

For laboratories looking to make the jump from legacy systems, this new website proves an important guide on what laboratories and customers, in general, can expect from Logilab ELN to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. Via our website, new ELN adopters can request personalised training sessions from us to get lab personnel up to speed with the new technology. 

This new website is succinct yet informative, containing resources such as authoritative white papers, case studies, and other free downloadable content for researchers and lab personnel from different industry verticals. It also includes a depth of other knowledge sections, including regularly updated Blogs to discuss various industry happenings, the latest news, Guides on choosing the lab informatics solutions, ebooks , videos and more!

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Additionally, you can subscribe to our value-packed newsletter via the website to keep ahead of trends in terms of new features that are being constantly added to Logilab ELN, recent blog content, industry news, special offers & discounts! 

Feel free to explore our website and let us hear your thoughts 

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